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Toulouse owner Olivier Sadran is looking for a buyer

Speaking in a press conference yesterday, Toulouse owner Olivier Sadran confirmed that he is looking for possible buyers to either join him or take the Ligue 1 club of his hands entirely.

“In the past four or five years, I don’t think that I have only made good decisions. But you don’t leave the helm of a drifting boat. I don’t want to (quit). No, but legally I also can’t. There are 150 people behind this club…. I am the main shareholder of the club, I will assume all my responsibilities until the end. Do I have the will, the time and the ambition to come to the stadium? The answer is no. Do I have the will to come up with solutions? The answer is yes and we will do so quickly in the coming months. I would love to find someone who can take over the club, share strategy, the economic risk and the pleasure of winning with me with. I have often had calls but nothing serious.”

Toulouse currently sit 20th in Ligue 1 and are on a 10 game losing streak, the worst in club history.

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