Toulouse President Comolli on recruitment strategy: “We will use Football Manager.”

Speaking in an interview with 20 Minutes, Ligue 2 side Toulouse’s President Damien Comolli bizarrely indicated that he intended to see the club’s player recruitment strategy be informed by the video game Football Manager.

“We are not yet using Football Manager, but we will do so. There are a lot of clubs that are using it. It will not be a central pillar of our recruitment strategy but it could help. The size and ambitions of the club have nothing to do with our desire to use data or not. Take the example of the two finalists of the Champions’ League last year, Tottenham and Liverpool: they were built using data. Leipzig, semi-finalists of this Champions’ League, work on data. Lorient, who were promoted, the club has someone responsible for data.”

“Football scouts make observations on the pitch. Then, they send those reports and we verify them with data. Or we query a database, which produces players for us who follow certain criteria, which we then ask scouts to verify. It works in both ways. All recruitment is done thanks to data confirming what scouts see. The best way to recruit is to mix them both.”



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