Toulouse superfan Josette Butty – “Mamie TFC” – passes away at 84

Bottom-placed Ligue 1 side Toulouse FC today announced the passing of emblematic super-fan Josette Butty, who was nicknamed “Mamie TFC”, which translates into “Granny TFC”, at the age of 84.

Born in 1936, one year earlier than Toulouse FC was created, Butty was given the symbolic title “Mamie TFC” during the club’s 80th birthday celebrations which occurred last decade. Well-loved by board members, players and supporters, she never missed a home match, accompanied by the supporters group that she belonged to: “Honneur Sud”.

Each week, as a ritual, always elegantly dressed in purple, you would be able to see her come to greet the players – whom she called “her little ones” – and the Toulouse staff, during training sessions, to share a few words with them, always of encouragement or comfort. Whatever the results, she was there, present, and ready to display her best smile. Her love for Toulouse was a bond that she shared with her husband, Georges, who passed in January 2017.

The thoughts of the Get French Football News team are with everyone at Toulouse FC and “Jo’s” loved ones at this difficult time.

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