Villas Boas responds to Payet – West Ham links: “I want this window to be over.”

Speaking in a press conference yesterday, Marseille manager André Villas Boas was asked to comment on reports that West Ham United are interested in signing 32-year-old attacking midfielder Dimitri Payet.

“For me, Dim knows this. We have a special relationship. He has an important role for the team. Sometimes, it is not only the club that receives an extraordinary offer, but the player too. I read what came out, I don’t know if it is completely true. We have to be ready if that happens but for that to occur we need an offer for the club, for the player. I don’t think it is going to happen… I want this to be finished (the window). It will be good for everyone. I want this to finish so that we can concentrate, can continue. But unless we get a nasty surprise, I am not expecting anything.”

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