Watford defender Christian Kabasele calls out Instagram for ignoring his reports of racist abuse

Speaking in an appearance on RMC Sport show “Le Vestiaire,” Watford central defender Christian Kabasele discussed being the target of racist abuse on social media platforms like Instagram.

“It is a shame that we always have to talk about this plague that currently faces us. I have received 10 or 20 racist messages. On these accounts, there have to have been a similar number that were identified and nothing happened because Instagram did not find their language to be violent or in violation of the social media’s Terms of Use policy, it is quite incredible.”

“We have to say to young people that these are things that you should not do, it is a question of being educated properly. If a young person sees someone or many people in their family speak in this way, then they will replicate it. Someone needs to tell them not to do this.”

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