Wearing a PSG shirt in the centre of Marseille will be banned on Sunday

Le Parisien report that the wearing of a PSG shirt in Marseille city centre will be illegal on Sunday, after local authorities discerned that it would be in the interest of keeping law and order to integrate this ruling on the day of the Champions’ League final.

The exact legal wording of this order from the Bouches-du-Rhône police force is that it will be forbidden “to wear PSG colours” – that includes a simple scarf. The order also encompasses the banning of the use of pyro.

This order follows tension at the Vieux Port which occurred on Tuesday night after PSG’s qualification against RB Leipzig. Around 100 Marseille fans presented themselves with anti-PSG chanting.

According to several eyewitnesses, this Marseille group went after PSG fans or people who they thought were supporting PSG. One person was forced by them to take off their PSG shirt. One individual was arrested according to La Provence for involvement in the violence. 

At least two establishments in the Vieux-Port were forced to stop airing the match midway through following pressure from locals.

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