4 arrested in connection with attack on Marquinhos’ father during robbery

L’Équipe report that Versailles investigators arrested four individuals on Tuesday morning, suspected of having participated in the attack on PSG captain Marquinhos’ father, during a robbery on the property which occurred on 14th March, in the middle of the Ligue 1 clash between PSG and Nantes.

Marquinhos’ father was attacked as he happened to be in the garden of the house when the robbers entered the premises through this point. Two individuals, masked, forced him to open the door to the house by hitting him several times.

Marquinhos’ two little sisters, aged 14 and 16, were in the property at the time. After 40 minutes of being held hostage, the assailants left with €1,500 and bags stuffed with luxury items. They were then joined by a third accomplice who had been hanging back.

The suspects that have been taken into custody are 18, 21 and 29 respectively (with two individuals being the same age), following analysis of surveillance footage.

In the same evening two individuals also robbed Angel di Maria’s home, taking €500k in goods – the wife and children of the player were in the house at the same time but were not confronted by the robbers. No link has been established between the incident at Di Maria’s home and that of Marquinhos’ father’s home.


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