77% of French people want Didier Deschamps to stay

RTL/Odoxa have produced a poll on the matter of how the French public feels about Didier Deschamps and the result is overwhelmingly positive for the France manager despite Les Bleus’ shock EURO 2020 elimination at the hands of Switzerland.

65% of French people and 85% of French football fans are disappointed with how France did. 52% of French people and 71% of French football fans have a good opinion of Les Bleus, down 11% and 21% respectively from a month ago.

66% of French people and 58% of French football fans are not worried about the future of the national team. In the eyes of the French public, 77% feel that the players are responsible for the failed EURO 2020 campaign, only 21% feel that Deschamps is most responsible.

77% of French people and 78% of French football fans want Didier Deschamps to remain as manager.

If Didier Deschamps was to leave, 64% of French people and 72% of French football fans would like to see Zinedine Zidane to replace him.

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