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Adil Rami explains why he picked Troyes over Los Angeles

Speaking to Le Parisien, 35-year-old French defender Adil Rami explains why he chose to move to Ligue 1 newly-promoted side ESTAC Troyes over a transfer to Los Angeles this summer.

“In my head, I was going to move to Los Angeles. Everything was sorted and I had a lot of contacts over there. Then I received 3 offers from Ligue 1 clubs. Ligue 1 has really become a wonderful brand. My children, who are 5, are beginning to get interested in football and speak to me a lot about Mbappé for example. There, I started to think… I thought again about the United States where COVID was still impacting quite a lot of things. I realised that in France, my atypical and natural side is well-liked. So I chose that.”

“I was a bit fed up of always focusing on trying to find the right words in another language. In my head, it is Disneyland! I want to have fun and that people like me. I am like that. And I still want to remain in football for several years. If I fix a specific date, I will pay for it.”

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