Alvaro Gonzalez verbally abused a policeman who told him to wear a mask

Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzalez hurled verbal insults at a policeman on Wednesday who asked him to put his mask on as we continue to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Var Matin.

It was 08:00 this morning when police came to ensure that adequate security was in place for the Marseille bus to set off to the airport for tonight’s match against Lens. At around 09:00, Alvaro arrived on the scene without a mask. One of the police officers reminded him that this was against the law and invited him to put a mask on. 

The Spanish defender refused to do so, so the policeman asked him to wear it again, underlining the fact that it was obligatory for all to do so.

What followed was Gonzalez hurling insults at the police officer in Spanish, calling him the “son of a whore,” adding “that’s how you welcome us, son of a whore.”

Faced with a very calm policeman, who continued to repeat his request, the player in the end put his mask on, not without the intervention though of a member of the Marseille coaching staff, all whilst continuing to hurl abuse at the policeman.

The footballer was in the end fined for not wearing a mask. A legal complaint was also filed against him for showing contempt towards a person holding public authority.

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