André Pierre Gignac rejected Liverpool for Marseille in 2010

Speaking in an interview with RMC Sport, Tigres and ex-French international striker André Pierre Gignac discussed rejecting a move to Liverpool in 2010.

I was born in Martigues, 40km away from Marseille. My entire childhood was Marseille. My family, they all support Marseille. My dream… What you should know is that I had two pieces of paper in my hands. It was Marseille or Liverpool in 2010. I turned down Valencia just before. I was sent an airplane, with nice ham inside it. I promise you, that makes you want (to move). They knew that with a bit of jamon iberico, they were going to get a deal done, but I refused. It was the Unai Emery era, with Jérémy Mathieu. He came and he explained his entire tactical set-up. I refused. After that, Jean-Christophe Cano (his agent) comes and says to me: “André, you have Liverpool or Marseille.” I responded to him: “You can rip up the Liverpool offer, we are going to OM.” There you have it.”

On if he has regrets:

No, not once in my life! Not once in my life! Not once in my life… I achieved my dream. I achieved the dream of all my cousins, the dreams of nearly all of my family.

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