André Villas-Boas: “There is no vision for the communication of this club.”

Marseille manager André Villas-Boas pulled no punches in an interview with O Jogo today, touching on a variety of subjects including calling out the Ligue 1 club for their lack of communication strategy.

On the differences between Marseille & FC Porto:

Marseille’s problem is that the feeling of love and hate on the part of the fans is too intense. In this sense, it is not like FC Porto because there is no middle point of reason. Next, there is a strong separation between the press in the local region and the club which in my opinion should not exist. This love/hate relationship on the part of the club’s supporters makes it easier for our adversaries to hit our most sensitive points.

On the Marseille brand:

Marseille have the best brand in French football and it should be better positioned in the media and be able to profit from the strength of its brand, but that is not the case because there is no vision in terms of the communication of the club. It is not the current priority of the board who are putting all their energy into giving an immediate return to the team finding financial stability vis-à-vis UEFA and the FFP.

On a contract extension:

We are at the same stage. The two sides are passing the buck. With this crisis, OM want to review all the employment contracts of the club, the staff and the team and they do no want to position themselves in terms of how much to spend to extend their manager’s contract. When I came to France, I wanted to sign for a year. That’s how I see football now. There are no sporting projects in any club in the world: the sporting project is that specific time in the season. I was obliged to sign a two year contract because of the French law, to protect the managers. Extending with Marseille would impose something that I do not like, which is signing for two years again.

On the current state of football:

Sporting Directors have become transferable assets, which means that even they no longer ensure the continuity of a project. We end up with new situations: owners who are invisible, CEOs who limit themselves more and more to enforcing the economic requirements of the owners, sporting directors who are disposable and do not stay in the same position for more than a year or two.

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