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Andreaw Gravillon will not remain at Lorient: “I am bitter.”

Speaking in an interview with Ouest-France, 23-year-old Inter Milan central defender Andreaw Gravillon confirmed that he would not be staying at FC Lorient following a loan. His €4.5m option to buy expired at the end of last month.

“I am bitter, because Lorient is a club that I like, I enjoyed myself there all season. I am disappointed to leave in this way. I’m even pissed off. I knew how to lift the squad spirits up when it needed to happen, even though it was not necessarily my responsibility to take initiative or speak up. So to finish the season on the bench after everything I have done, it is a source of disappointment, because I gave a lot for the club. And it did not really give me much of a desire to stay next season. That played in my thinking.”

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