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Antoine Griezmann on if the 2021 squad is better than the 2018 one: “On paper, yes.”

Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, French international attacking midfielder Antoine Griezmann was asked of the 2021 squad bests the World Cup winning 2018 squad.

“On paper, yes. Aside from that, in terms of the atmosphere in the squad, the mental side, we will have to see as the matches come. From the perspective of the atmosphere in the squad, in 2018, it was exceptional. That is what enabled us to win matches too during the difficult moments. We will see during the difficult moments, during a match and outside of them, if we can be present in the same way. For the moment, all is well and, honestly, I do not see why that would change. Everyone arrived happy. Aside from that, of course, the coach will have decisions to make, and it will be up to us to manage the squad well, to remain united. We will see truly in the competition itself if we are capable of doing that.”

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