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Arsène Wenger on the dangers facing football: “Doping and corruption.”

Speaking in an interview with Le Parisien, FIFA’s Head of Football Development, Arsène Wenger, was asked about the major dangers facing football.

Doping and corruption… But also the number of matches played in a year and the health risks linked to the situation, we need to do some reflecting in order to rearrange the calendar. Is it reasonable, when we need to be responsible, notably environmentally responsible, to have all these trips for international breaks? Is this adequate in relation to how society is evolving? We need to reorganise all that, regroup the national team dates. One of the solutions is without a doubt to organise a World Cup and a European Championship (and the other continental competitions) every two years and then stop all off the rest. The Champions’ League happens every year and is still very prestigious. People want to see matches that count, competitions that count.”

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