Bordeaux owner Gérard Lopez insists coach Vladimir Petković’s is still motivated to succeed at the club

In speaking with L’Équipe, Bordeaux owner Gérard Lopez discussed coach Vladimir Petković’s future at the club and insisted his manager is still motivated to succeed.

Do you think your coach is still fighting?
“We spoke at length last night, he is still very motivated. You shouldn’t judge someone’s manner by their expressions or their appearance or use them as a complete reading of their personality. I’m rarely stressed, but my anger is absolutely legendary. It’s just never been seen in public.”

Petković indicated, after Strasbourg, that the top half target was not his. Did that bother you?
“There has to be someone who sets goals and someone who has to achieve them. Me, if I was a player or a coach, I would try to under sell something so I could outperform expectations. But I’m president and I set the objectives that I want to achieve and that the club must achieve in relation to the means implemented. If we don’t achieve them and finish 15th, it will be a disappointment.”

Did you set Petković a target in terms of results and points to be reached before the winter break?
“No. If I do that the team just have to win two or three games in a row for there to be a lot less pressure, when there must be pressure on every game.”


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