Bosz intent on attacking football with Lyon

In a sizeable interview with L’Équipe, new Lyon coach Peter Bosz discussed his footballing ideals in detail. The Dutchman explained that discussions with OL were speedy and a deal was sorted within two days. “We talked a lot about how to play, what they wanted from me and what they thought. It all starts with a philosophy,” Bosz said. “The philosophy is attacking football, but 4-3-3, 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 – I don’t care, the players decide the system.”

Pleasing Lyon’s often cantankerous fanbase is top of Bosz’s agenda, explaining “I want to win and I want the fans to be happy with the style,” he said. “Fans like teams who attack, who score goals, who create chances. When they go home I want them to talk about what they’ve seen, “ah this cross, ah that pass!” They pay to watch, so you have to give them something.”

When asked how he would respond to criticism from Jose Mourinho, who, after Bosz’s Ajax lost the 2017 Europa League final to Mourinho’s Manchester United, said “Coaches like Bosz want to entertain people, but they don’t win titles.” Bosz mused: “When an offensive coach loses a game or a Championship, it’s easy to say [their style is] not realistic. I don’t care. I know you can be successful with offensive play.”

Bosz faces a difficult task to return Lyon to the Champions’ League this season in a competitive Ligue 1 top half having lost Memphis Depay; Ajax keeper André Onana and a striker being his main targets in the market.

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