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Caen manager Stéphane Moulin denies Islamophobia reports

Caen manager Stéphane Moulin has reacted to claims made by journalist Romain Molina that he prevented players from fasting during Ramadan and disparaged Muslim players during his time at Angers.

Molina, during a Twitter Spaces session yesterday evening, stated that according to several Maghrebi players, their relationship with Moulin was “difficult”, and that the manager had gone on a “Ramadan hunt”.

Speaking to France Bleu Normandie, the coach, who left Angers after a decade this summer, categorically refuted the claims and has threatened legal action:

“I’ve been managing for 23 years and I’ve never had that kind of issue. As a reminder, my last two captains at Angers were Cheick Ndoye and Ismaël Traoré, and we recruited Medhi Chahiri and Ali Abdi. I’ve never had this issue with Muslims, I don’t know how and by what inspiration he [Molina] could have made these statements about me, seeing as I don’t know him, I’ve never met him. It seems naive and most of all very, very serious to be making these claims against me.”

“What happened at Angers is what happens everywhere else in other clubs and will surely happen at Caen next year. On match days, we ask the boys who are doing Ramadan to not fast that day because they can make it up later. This is simply to protect them in a physical sense, because not drinking or eating when you require high-intensity effort is dangerous for them. No players has ever refused to do that. They are perfectly aware that it’s to preserve their physical wellbeing.”

“This man will need to show his evidence, because all of the players I’ve had at Angers will be able to say that I’ve never banned Ramadan.”

Molina later replied on Twitter, indicating that he would be happy to show his proof to a potential tribunal, adding: “See you soon, then!”.

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