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Cesc Fabregas: “Arsène Wenger always said to me, it is not a question of age.”

Speaking in an interview with TF1, AS Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas discussed his longevity in the game, Niko Kovac, title ambitions and more.

On playing 800 career matches:

At the end of the day that is about consistency. The self-sacrifice, all those nights when I came home furious after having messed up a match, that I am not happy, and that has happened so many times in my life. Today, with my kids when I come home and say: “No, dad is angry today, he did not play well, he doesn’t want to speak.” Because you are always looking to do better. That’s why I have been playing at the elite level since I was 19 and now I am counting on going until the end of my contract here (June 2022).

On Niko Kovac:

Niko, honestly, he looks at football the way that I do. He has worked under great managers like I have. He learned from the best and you can see that. He has character, a way of playing, a very aggressive style of play. If you don’t invest yourself from the start, if you don’t work, you shouldn’t bother about working with Niko Kovac. Arsène Wenger always said to me, it is not a question of age, if you are good at 16, you will play, and if at 32 you are not good, you will not play. But if at 37 you are good, you will play. At the end of the day, football is decided on the pitch.

On the AS Monaco squad:

Our youngsters here are all fantastic, they all work well, they have a good mentality. They listen, they learn fast, they are very demanding, and I am truly very happy to be here working with them.

On Monaco trying to win the Ligue 1 title:

I could tell where you were going with this one! But for us, the aim is and has been since the beginning of the season, to return to European football. If at the end, with 2 or 3 matches to go we are still up there, then we will allow ourselves to dream. Me, when there is a title to aim for, I will do everything to obtain it. Obviously everything is possible in football, everything is possible until it is impossible. I play football to win titles. Titles are the most important thing, that is what I say to the youngsters here, when you win, you always want more. The quicker that this squad wins something, the better it will be for our squad’s mentality.

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