Clermont striker Mohamed Bayo summoned to court following road accident

L’Équipe report this afternoon that Clermont striker Mohamed Bayo has been freed from custody following his involvement in a traffic accident yesterday, but has now been summoned for a court appearance.

The 23-year-old had been withheld for a hit-and-run offence and for driving over the legal blood alcohol limit. The custody had originally been extended by another seven hours this morning, before the forward eventually recognised the events that took place. 

Bayo will appear at the Clermont magistrate’s court for a hearing on June 22, 2022. The Guinean had driven past a traffic light and caused an accident, with the two individuals injured in the car he hit being given 10-12 days off work. An test then revealed Bayo was at 0.88g/L of blood alcohol – the French legal limit is 0.5g.

The striker first tried to escape on foot before being caught up by police. His licence plate was found at the scene of the accident, and the car a few roads further on. He is also said to have called a friend to come pick him up, before he was arrested.

The striker committed a similar offence in 2019, and as such will be judged as a repeat offender. He had then been sentenced to follow a road security course.

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