Didier Deschamps: “Things changed with words. That’s what I’m here for.”

France boss Didier Deschamps reacted to Les Bleus’ 3-2 UEFA Nations League semi-final win over Belgium.

“In the dressing room, obviously they feel beaten up to come in 2-0 down. It was severe even though we gave them the opportunity to score the two goals. But it was a question of pride, of pride. When you are not at the level that you should be, it can happen that you fall behind. There, we were under what we are capable of doing. Things changed with words. That is what I am here for. When things are going less well I say that too. Aside from that, it is they who deserve it. Each of them individually. The one we pulled back came from us having a stranglehold on the game, with more aggressiveness. Maybe the Belgium team has gone down physically too.”

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