Emmanuel Macron: “In 2018, France wanted it the most, we have to match that.”

Speaking to RMC Sport, French President Emmanuel Macron explains what he told the national team at Clairefontaine on Thursday, ahead of EURO 2020 kicking off next week.

“I said to them: “You have nothing to prove, you are truly great players, but give it your all right until the last minute.” The team that wins the competition will be the one that wants it most. I believe that very profoundly. In 2018, France wanted it the most, we have to match that. I also said that the squad is stronger than each individual. I believe that this is very much the view of manager Didier Deschamps. We have the best individuals on paper for the Euros, there is no doubt. But it is together that they are much stronger, through the ability to sacrifice themselves for each other, for the quality of play and the team. Thirdly, it is enthusiasm. They are going to be back in front of fans for a lot of them. We are the day after the return of the public being able to return to amateur sport. The more than 2 million French men and women who love football can return to train since yesterday, it is extraordinary.”

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