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Ex-Marseille development executive on Mario Balotelli: “A crazy guy in a crazy club.”

Speaking as part of his appearance on our Presidents Podcast, Ex-International Development Manager of Ligue 1 side Marseille, Alejandro Requena, discussed dealing with Mario Balotelli.

“I was a bit scared when Mario arrived in Marseille, we knew his CV with other clubs shall we say but we never had an issue with Balotelli, seriously. This is not just to say things better than they were. We never had a problem with Mario Balotelli. I think the main reason is that it was a great fit between Balotelli and Marseille. It was a crazy guy in a crazy club. And it fit. It made sense. When Bielsa was in Marseille, it was these kind of actors who completely fit with your institution and get your values and it feels like their home even if they were born hundreds of kilometres away.”

Listen to the full podcast below:

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