FFF President Le Graët pressed on racial diversity in his organisation: “I just hired a manager, a Diallo. All this is unnecessary.”

Speaking in an interview with So Foot, FFF President Noël Le Graët was asked why the diversity of the French national team’s playing squad is not reflected in the French FA’s wider organisation.

“Well everyone can be a candidate everywhere, there are elections, there are 100 districts, one per county, I don’t have the impression that there are roadblocks, there is even a service here that (helps with) interviewing, it would be nice for you to go see the individual in charge of that… These are unnecessary quarrels. I answer without problem, and with kindness. Because very honestly, I am confident in myself. There can be of course, like everywhere… but less in football. The sport in general too. And in football, nobody can make reproaches, the youngsters who want to sign up for footballing schools can sign up.”

A big kit provider – and it is not for the first time – did marketing around the problem of racism and used a major French national team player to head that campaign up. It is funny that racism is a subject in public, but not within…

Hang on, I am a business owner, I have employees, never… Even here, my secretary, check out the colour of her skin. And the manager I just hired, he is a Diallo. All this is unnecessary.

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