FIFA 22 Career Guide | Paris FC

With the release of FIFA 22, GFFN’s Adrien Dryll takes a look at the best Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs to take on your career mode journey. Next up: Paris FC of Ligue 2. You can follow the series in full here on GFFN.

Paris Saint-Germain may be omnipotent in Paris but there’re not the City of Lights’ only club. Located in the south of the capital, Paris FC have always been in PSG’s shadow but the two club’s histories are closely linked. In fact, they used to be one entity. Back in the late sixties, the FFF wanted to create a high level club in Paris, the only European capital without one at the time. Paris FC were meant to merge with Stade Saint-Germanois to create Paris Saint-Germain in 1970. However, two years later, due to internal disagreements, there was a split, creating Paris FC and Paris Saint-Germain. While PSG quickly reached the first division, PFC had a hard time remaining in the professional leagues but things have looked brighter recently as the club now have been a Ligue 2 fixtures since 2015. In 2019, Paris FC came close to Ligue 1 but lost on penalties to Lens in Ligue 2’s promotion play-offs. In the long term, the club’s goal is promotion and to help they can rely on money from the Middle East, just like their cousins from Porte d’Auteil, as in July 2020, PFC announced the Kingdom of Bahrain would become a minority shareholder as well as the club’s new sponsor.

Your Job
Make PFC an important team in Paris and in France.

Team Goals
First two seasons: Clinch Ligue 1 promotion.
Third and fourth season: Remain in the first division and build a solid team through your academy.
Fifth season: Compete for European spots.
Sixth season: Win Ligue 1 and beat PSG in the Parisian derby.

Team Breakdown – Budget €5.6m
This is our hardest challenge yet. PFC are an average Ligue 2 side on paper so you’ll need to be patient and creative. The formation we chose to go with is a standard 4-3-3. In goal, you’ll find veteran and club legend Vincent Demarconnay. The 70-rated keeper is 38 so you’ll soon need a replacement as his rating will get lower and lower. Your two full-backs will be Florent Hanin on the left and Jaouen Hadjam on the right. Hanin is a decent 70-rated defender with good stamina (78) and pace (79). He’s already 31 but he’ll do the job in your first season. Hadjam has a completely different profile. Technically a left-back, he’ll do for now due to lack of options as he has a three star weak foot and is one of the most promising talents in your squad with a potential of 77. Play him regularly and he’ll grow rapidly.

Your pair of centre-backs is made up of 31-year-old Ousmane Kanté and 21-year-old Axel Bamba. The former is 69 rated and his only impressive attribute is his strength (87). Bamba is a hidden gem with a potential of 77. He has good pace (76) and physicality (88 strength) which will make him a beast when he reaches his full potential.

At the base of midfield is 26-year-old Mustapha Namé. The Senegalese international is 69-rated with a potential of 73 and has some good stamina (83). He’ll be perfect for your first seasons in Ligue 2 in a “Makélélé” role. Next to him are Saïd Arab and Check Diakité. Arab is more of an attacking midfielder but he’ll be interesting in an advanced number eight role. His main attributes are pace (74), stamina (80) and agility (77). At just 20, he has a good progression margin that could reach a rating of at least 76 but that could go higher if you play him regularly. The 18-year-old pocket midfielder Diakité, meanwhile, is a huge prospect with a potential of 81. Play him regularly and he’ll become an excellent all round midfielder.

On the left of the attack is Sassuolo’s Maxime Lopez’s older brother Julien. The 29-year-old is a little winger with some nice pace, agility and dribbling stats. On the left is the more average Morgan Guilavogui, a 64-rated right winger. His only notable attribute is his pace (79) so you’ll need to get rid of him quickly. Striker Gaetan Laura meanwhile has been PFC’s difference maker in real life until recently and will be your best player upfront. Although he’s already 25 and only has 71 potential, Laura will be the perfect striker in your first seasons. The 68-rated striker has some good 83 strength as well as some nice 85 pace. You’ll need to train his finishing but he’ll be a very good forward for the first couple of seasons.

Star Player
Gaetan Laura, 26 (68/71) – Laura is the perfect striker for a career mode. His natural abilities (pace, strength) will make him a constant threat. He’ll be perfect for a direct style of play and will lead all your counter attacks. He can also play on the wings.

Cheick Diakité, 18 (68/81) – Cheick is your main talent. Train him well and he’ll become a real gem, capable of playing as a proper number ten or lower as a number 8. He’ll grow rapidly and could be your main star for many seasons.

Transfer Targets
Jean-Christophe Bahebeck, 26 (70-71) – Remember him? Probably not unless you’re a die-hard PSG fan, but the 26-year-old Bahebeck used to be one of PSG’s main academy prospects and now needs a new challenge after a disappointing spell at Utrecht. He’s very cheap at 1.9m, has 75 pace, 72 finishing, 75 shot power and surprisingly a 74 free-kick accuracy. Play him as your main number nine and put Laura on the right in Guilavogui’s place. He won’t grow a lot but could be a decent addition to your attack.

Xavi Simons, 18 (66-83) – An audacious pick but Simons could well be a target to strengthen your midfield. The La Masia prodigy is only 66-rated and therefore won’t cost you a lot – around 2.5m euros. In real life, he’s considering leaving PSG due to lack of game time – this is your chance to keep him in the capital. The Dutch maestro has a good potential of 84 and could become an essential part of your midfield.

Joaquin Blazquez, 20 (65–81) – The Argentine keeper, playing for Atletico Talleres, is the perfect replacement for the aging Demarconnay. The 81-rated Blazquez is cheap (around 2m) and will grow rapidly if you decide to make him a starter.

Surplus To Requirements
Warren Caddy, 25 (64-71) – Caddy is not a bad striker but with the already promising Lamine Diaby-Fadiga as your second striking option, Caddy could be sold. He is valued at around 2m, which is a decent amount to spend on other players or your academy.

Cyril Mandouki, 29 (69-69) – Midfielder Mandouki will be useless in your team. He’s slow, aging and won’t offer any progression. He could be sold for around 1.5m, which is a decent price for a player his level.


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