France Still One of the Biggest Favourites for Winning 2022 World Cup

The recent blow the French football team experienced at EURO 2020 raised fierce debates back home about the Gauls’ chances at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

Some suggest that the reigning world champs are on the decline and don’t have very bright prospects of defending the trophy. Others believe that this is just a temporary glitch, soon to be removed by Didier Deschamps. 

The emotions are still high after a tragic defeat in the Round of 16 against Switzerland, which disables some rational argument. Most of the fans expected to see the French team coming after the European title, and the latest defeat was very hard for them to deal with.

Per various bookmakers and their current offers, France is alongside Brazil the top candidate to win the honors in Qatar. In our modest opinion, Brazil is a good team, but we don’t believe that they should be among the top three candidates for lifting the title. 

Besides France, England, Portugal, and Belgium should be considered to be top favorites. All these teams have incredibly good players, and what is more important, all of them are going to hit their prime years in the near future. Of course, you will always have some sort of surprise, but in general, all the analysts and pundits agree that the Big Four will call the shots next year.

This is something that pretty much shows us that despite a painful exit from EURO 2020, France is still in the mix for repeating the success from Russia three years ago. 

But the question stands, what needs to be done to change the current situation?

In our opinion, two things have to be taken care of – atmosphere and playmaking. 

We’ve seen several, let’s say incidents, after the game against Switzerland, where the families of the players had heated arguments, etc. It is a clear sign that something isn’t right inside the locker room. 

Also, various media reported that the atmosphere in the training camp wasn’t good as well, with some players having a toxic relationship that would later spread throughout the team. Even though Benzema scored several goals, his comeback to the national team did create some sort of turbulence.

When talking about playmaking, it was obvious that France needs one true organization in the midfield. Let’s be honest here, the majority of French victories at major tournaments came from counter-attacks, where the other team controlled the ball or made some errors in the midfield. Later on, the fantastic individual quality of the attackers and incredible quickness delivered goals. 

In the moments when France needs to attack and take the initiative, struggles emerged to the surface, and the match against Hungary is the best possible example of that. 

With all due respect, Paul Pogba utterly failed to meet the requirements for this role, while on the other side, neither player has enough potential nor characteristics to solve this problem. That is why Deschamps needs to either find a player for this task or change the overall tactics. One of the best players in the history of this country has the full support of the fans to do whatever is necessary to make things better. 

Once the French national head coach solves these two issues, there is no doubt that the Gauls will be the top favourite for winning the gold in Qatar, miles ahead of all the other rivals. 

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