Hannibal Mejbri on deciding to represent Tunisia over France: “I think it will influence a lot of youngsters.”

Speaking in an interview with RMC, 18-year-old Manchester United midfielder Hannibal Mejbri confirmed his decision to represent Tunisia over France at international level.

Why have you decided to represent Tunisia?

I think that it is the best decision for my family and I. I am very proud of this decision. Tunisia, is my country, the country of my parents so for sure there is a strong complicity. I like this country a lot, that is why I made this decision. I speak a little Arabic, but not very well. I lost it since I arrived in England. I am not scared about that. The higher the bar, the more you can improve. It can only help me to gain in experience. My father and my mother were very happy that I chose Tunisia, certainly. It is like a present for them. But it makes me happy too. I think that I made the right choice. We will see in the future if that is the case. I am trying to build something, not purely on the sporting side.

Could your decision have an impact on other dual nationality youngsters?

It is a significant decision that will influence a lot of youngsters I think. It is good to be a source of inspiration and I hope to be able to influence them onto the right path. There are lots of youngsters of other nationalities that could return to the country of their parents, return to their origins. I think that it is very significant for Africa.

On making his 1st appearance for Manchester United during a Premier League match vs Wolves (played 8 minutes):

It made me very happy. It is something that I have been building up to since I was little. I have worked for that. My parents took me to the four corners of the world to go to tournaments. My whole family helped me, my agent too. So it is nice to experience the pitch a bit at the professional level. And I thank those close to me for everything they have done. I couldn’t wait. I felt pressure because the Wolves fans were there. But once I was on the pitch, I was concentrated and I didn’t hear them. As soon as I got my first touch in, it went well. The game moved fast, but I adapted well. I think that I played well enough. Honestly, it was unforgettable.

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