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Kingsley Coman on playing as a wing-back: “For a first time, it went very well.”

Speaking to Téléfoot after impressing in last night’s 8-0 win over Kazakhstan, France’s Kingsley Coman discussed his evening playing as wing-back, as well as his recovery from a recent operation for a heart issue

“There are games like that where everything comes off, and last night is one that I’ll remember. It was a good match, I was just missing a goal, but it was very good from a personal standpoint as well.”

“I told [Didier Deschamps] that I could play in the position, then he gave me a lot of advice. For a first time, it went very well. I’ve been here for years. I try to perform at my best, whatever the position and playing time!”

“[My heart issue] had been getting worse for a while, there were small “attacks” so to speak, and I thought that continuing to play like that at a high level would be difficult. In the end, I feel better than before. It’s given me desire again, and a second wind.”

“I’m going to work hard to be [at the World Cup], and to have a great tournament. It’s a childhood dream that I’ve not yet had the chance to experience.”


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