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Kylian Mbappé on his recent form: “I think what happened to me this summer has shaped me.”

Speaking to Téléfoot in the aftermath of his four-goal performance against Kazakhstan last night, Kylian Mbappé notably discussed his history-making performance as well as how his summer hardships helped contribute to his form this autumn.

The Paris Saint-Germain forward also discussed his recent round of interviews with various French outlets, in which he cleared the air over his desire to leave the club for Real Madrid this summer.

“We’re really happy to have qualified, and scoring four goals here at the Parc des Princes is special for me because it’s my stadium. I’m always happy to play here, but the most important thing is that we’ve qualified – because we wanted it, and we deserved it.”

“I think what happened to me this summer has shaped me. To have taken hit after hit, with that decisive missed penalty and my non-transfer – it tests your mentality and your limits. I responded in the best way possible, it reinforced me and now I’m more confident than I was before – all the while staying humble and determined to do great things this season.”

“I don’t know if [my comments] were liberating, I hadn’t had a full pre-season. But then it’s true that getting it all off your chest after all of the false rumours helps. After that I was a lot better physically, I was more at ease, and I’m a lot happier in my personal life. That plays a part as well, and it helps in order to have great performances.”

“I know what I’m capable of, I withdrew into work as sometimes you need to question yourself. It’s not always other peoples’ fault. But I know the qualities I have and what I can do in football.”

“I went into this game to do some damage, to really play at full tilt and be in a collective mindset. I didn’t necessarily need to take players out or do solo runs, so it shows that there was a lot of work behind me, and all of the players who helped me have to be congratulated.”

“[On being the first France player to score four goals in a game since Just Fontaine in 1958] Records are there to be broken! I’ve always wanted to make my mark on the history of the France team and that of football as well. Maybe there’s a young man who’s watching me on TV now and who’ll come along and beat that record.”

“[On his objectives] They’re still the same: to win everything. I think I play in two great teams. And from that point, you can’t hide when you’re in that kind of team. Of course the objective is to win everything, every time.”

“[On whether he is confident for PSG’s Champions League ambitions] Of course. I think we have a certain consistency in Europe in these last few years, having reached the final and the semi-final. But we’re not completely satisfied. We’re happy because we’ve brought the club to heights where it hadn’t been before in the new Champions League format, but now we want to make history. We’re competitors, and when you’re a competitor you want to win.”

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