Le Havre owner Volpe makes statement amid sale speculation

Ligue 2 side Le Havre released a statement authored by their owner Vincent Volpe following speculation from earlier on during the week that the club was for sale for around €15m.

“I have to deny a false claim: I am still the President of HAC, and my commitment to HAC is as strong today as it was in July 2015, when I invested in the club to save it from the worst possible scenario. HAC, like all French professional clubs, is going through a very hard period, born out of the COVID-19 health crisis, the failure of Mediapro and the quasi-disappearance of transfer revenue. I will not be President of HAC forever, but a captain does not step down in the midst of the storm.”

“I will face the situation, with all the parts of the club, so that HAC continues to grow, always with the same objectives: get to Ligue 1, strengthen our status as a youth producing club and develop women’s football, while ensuring its financial stability.”

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