Lille and Marseille see sanctions for fan behaviour in away games

L’Équipe report today that the sanctions imposed on Lille and Marseille for crowd trouble this week were down to various incidents occurring in the Lens-Lille and Angers-Marseille matches.

The two clubs have been hit with a one-point suspended deduction, and will see their away stands in games away from home shut until the end of the calendar year.

Notably, among the away support Lille brought the Derby du Nord were individuals known to be fascists whose aim was to provoke opposing fans. The local deputy prefect added, when speaking to league officials, that had he known about their presence he would have prevented them from travelling to the match. In addition, seven investigations have been opened, notably for sexual exhibition and damage to seats. In total, 80 seats were damaged and the toilets at Lens were vandalised – Lille have committed to paying for repairs.

Before the start of the match Lille fans had climbed onto one of the barriers, causing it to collapse and injure two. As for Lens, the club’s decision to launch around 80 procedures against individual fans appears to have swayed the LFP disciplinary commission’s decision in simply imposing the suspended point deduction and no other sanction.

The Marseille fans are accused of being the instigators of the clashes at Angers, with the LFP’s version of events established through CCTV and police witness statements. A flare launched from the away stand towards the Angers supporters is said to be the catalyst.

L’Équipe add that while Marseille are considering appealing the decision – notably as they were not the host club for the match against Angers – while Lille are unlikely to do so, despit president Olivier Létang slamming the sanctions as “totally unjust”.

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