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Lucas Hernandez on Théo Hernandez: “It is up to him to persevere.”

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Bayern Munich and France left-back Lucas Hernandez was asked about his brother and fellow left-back Théo Hernandez’s progress at AC Milan.

At the moment, he is really strong offensively. He has this confidence in himself, to take the ball and break the lines. It is up to him to continue like that. He is on the right path. I hope that one day he could be here (with the French national team). It is up to him persevere. In previous seasons, he struggled more at Real Madrid and Real Sociedad. But now, he is able to have very good statistics with AC Milan. He is a very good player. I like him a lot. I really hope that he will one day be with us in the French national team.”

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