Lyon-Marseille referee had agreed to resume match after Dimitri Payet incident

RMC Sport report that, according to a report filed by local authorities they have read, Ligue 1 representatives had appeared to be in favour of resuming Lyon-Marseille on the night the match was suspended two weeks ago.

The Olympico had been suspended after five minutes of play when OM midfielder Dimitri Payet was struck by a bottle thrown from the stands. After two hours of confusion over whether the match would resume or not, the decision was finally taken to call the game off – even though OL fans had been told otherwise 40 minutes before.

Over that time, discussions had gone on between the Ligue 1 representatives and local authorities – specifically, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional prefect and the department’s public safety authority.

The latter two have written up a report of the evening, in which they explain that referee Ruddy Buquet was “very hesitant” on resuming the match from the start of proceedings. Those from the league “appeared to favour a restart”, although they had also asked how the safety of the supporters could be ensured.

At 9.35pm local time, the referee announced to the individuals in the room that the game would resume, with him and the league officials considering the conditions “satisfactory” for a restart. At 10.30pm, the game would be definitively called off. The regional prefect added, “We are shocked by this turnaround, the referee seemed embarrassed and had trouble looking at us in the eye.”

Lyon’s hearing with the Ligue 1 disciplinary commission over the incident will take place on Wednesday.

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