Lyon & Paris FC presidents blame each other as match called off due to fan violence

Speaking on RMC Sport, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas and Paris FC President Pierre Ferracci blamed each other following their Coupe de France match on Friday night being called off shortly after half-time owing to more fan violence. Their statements in full:

Pierre Ferracci:

“It was supposed to be a great celebration, but there were a group of brutes. Jean-Michel Aulas will have to calm down his fanatics. We were able to handle the Lens fans in 2019. We don’t need to receive any lessons. We thought that there was enough security. When Lyon and Marseille insult each other, it is not normal for other clubs to be penalised. Everyone needs to take responsibility. We need to stop making things up. The sanctions must be exemplary. I heard things in the corridors which are beyond comprehension. We know that the incidents began from over there. I will not allow for the match to be repeated. The incidents always happen with the same clubs. They are not fans. I said to Aulas: you need to clean house. You are going to bring French football down with you.”

“It is anger, we were very happy, this was a celebration for us. Jean Michel Aulas I think it is in his interest to weigh up the pros and the cons well because he has a group of fanatics who should be nowhere near a football pitch. Jean-Michel Aulas is clever enough to know that his club has problems and that French football will have problems if it continues like that.”

“It was he who came to tell me that a group called Panda from PSG came to attack the Lyon fans. That is what he told the individual responsible for security who was in the corridors and the dressing rooms, inventing various stories. Violence occurred right in front of me. They are people who, if we don’t have police in front of them, are uncontrollable.”

Lyon President Aulas:

“We will take extremely harsh measures against everyone who is going to be identified. We know who was supposed to be making the trip. Others from the Paris region and we don’t have their identities. We are in the process of filing a lawsuit to show that our desire is to punish those who deserve to be punished but also to find out who is responsible for what happened.”

“The responsibilities are shared, it is a societal problem… a lot of elements show me that we have a responsibility and that we are going to get our house in order but the first firecrackers thrown were onto the Lyon fans and therefore were not done by Lyon fans. Then there was a rebellion. We also saw on the pitch hundreds of people who were not Lyon people. We need to analyse and find those responsible. We will sanction them, but we cannot take all of the responsibility. We need to analyse it all. As it relates to me, I do not think that we are responsible for the incidents, but then it generated things that we should never see in a football stadium.”


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