Lyon President Aulas pushing to have less teams in Ligue 1

Speaking at a e-Think Sport 2021 event, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas revealed his desire to make Ligue 1 more sexy, including by having less teams in the French first division.

We need solutions that correspond to what broadcasters can provide. We realise that today we must reduce the number of teams in the elite, also because UEFA is requesting it. We also know that the FAs want this because of the number of matches that national teams are playing… It could be three groups of 16 teams, or a Ligue 1 with 16 and a Ligue 2 in two groups of 12, or a Ligue 1 with 18 teams and a Ligue 2 with 18 as well. We have to tighten up the elite to have more and more attractive matches.”

We need to accept to reinvent ourselves to make football more sexy. The rugby, with the Top 14, has been given new life, we should take inspiration from it… It is difficult to reform during a normal period but the current crisis could create an electroshock. The timeline is tight, but we can vote on propositions for reform in the next general assembly in June.”

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