Marseille Director General Hugues Ouvrard quits

Speaking in a statement on social media site Twitter, Marseille Director General Hugues Ouvrard confirmed his decision to leave the club – he joined to become the club’s de facto “Head of Business” in July 2020 and has lasted less than a year in his position.

I am leaving an exciting position, in a big club, which I have profoundly transformed at the administrative and business level, modernised and bent it towards the future, while continuing to develop its brand in new territories. I appreciate the fortune and the honour bestowed upon me to lead it. I thank all the collaborators at the club, all of the great talent, who taught me a lot, and I wish them good luck. Take care of yourself. Thank you.”

Ouvrard admitted that his decision to exit was made “to protect those close to me, unfairly exposed and threatened for several weeks now.”

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