Mattéo Guendouzi explains decision to join Marseille

Speaking on Marseille’s official website, French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi explained his decision to join OM from Arsenal.

“It gives me immense pride to be at Marseille. I am very happy to have come here, very happy to be in a big club, a big, historic club like Marseille. I came here to achieve good things with this magnificent project and these magnificent people around the club, with a truly wonderful team. I came here to win things. I am very happy to be at Marseille today. Marseille are one of the biggest European clubs. We know that very well. They have already won the Champions’ League. That is not the case for everyone. There are many who would like to have had it. It gives me immense pride to be here and I am going to represent the club’s colours to the best of my ability. I will always fight for this shirt, these fans, this club. I truly, majorly believe that we are going to do very nice and very great things here.”

On what he believes he will bring:

I think I can bring something fresh, my love for life and of course all my qualities on the pitch. Firstly, I am going to fight for the team and to have the best possible results. From the moment where I give the best of myself, I am going to help the team. We already have a really good team, a very great team with very good and very great players. I am going to try to enter the squad so that we can do truly great things together.

On his objectives:

First of all to adapt well to the team, the club and also the city of Marseille and to the fans. To everyone. In terms of on the pitch, I want to give the best of myself, to be the best to help to team achieve its various aims. I have great faith in this club and this team, with a truly great coach, a truly great president we are really going to do really nice things, I am totally convinced.

On Jorge Sampaoli:

I spoke several times with him. It is in large part thanks to him that I am coming to Marseille. I had very good discussions with him. From our first conversation, there was a very good feeling. It just confirmed to me my desire to join Marseille. His discourse was very positive. I feel truly that there is a really nice project, some very nice things that are in the process of being built. With a great coach like him, I know that I am going to improve a lot collectively and, also, I know that individually, he is going to bring me a lot to make me a better player and man.

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