Mauricio Pochettino on whether PSG will make more signings: “There are always surprises.”

Speaking at length to Le Parisien, Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino notably discussed the rumours linking him with a move away from the capital over the summer, as well as the club’s summer business.

The Argentine also went on to discuss the free transfer of Italian goalkeeper and Euro 2020 champion Donnarumma, whose arrival appears to have signalled the start of a competition for a starting spot with Keylor Navas. Pochettino also touched on Kylian Mbappé’s contract situation, with the World Cup winner remaining in the capital for the season to come but yet to extend his contract, which expires at the end of the campaign.

The summer break has been a bit strange for you. Did you ever think about leaving PSG?


Tottenham, or Real Madrid, tried to approach you

There were a lot of rumours. We all know what the reality of football is. There are moves between clubs, involving players and managers, so the rumours are always there. I’ve always maintained a calm, fluid relationship with the president and with Leonardo. Things were always clear, there was no reason to say anything more.

How would you judge your club’s summer window?

I think the club is doing a great job. We’re slowly reaching the objectives that we were looking for at the start of the window. So I’m happy with the work PSG is doing on the whole.

Are you expecting any further arrivals?

You always have surprises. A balance needs to be found between arrivals and departures. Like with all clubs, there will be some adjustments made over the course of the summer. We have to remain attentive to any opportunities.

Is Paul Pogba an objective for PSG and for Mauricio Pochettino?

I won’t give any names, I don’t like to speak about players who belong to other clubs. The club is working away quietly, achieving some good things. At the end of the window, we’ll see who the new players are – if there are any – and which players leave the squad.

Did you approve the signing of Gianluigi Donnarumma?

For signings and departures, we’ve been working together since I arrived here in January, with the President and the Director of Sport. It’s us three and the club in general. First of all, privately, we evaluate the needs of the team. Then, we go on the attack and we make the best decisions. All decisions on the sporting side are made by the club, in which everyone intervenes and gives their opinion.

Did you discuss it with Keylor Navas?

You have to distinguish between these things. The club as an entity takes its decisions. In this case, the players who are concerned must accept these. For me, the club always makes the right decision, for the present and the future. PSG needs competition in every position, to be constantly evolving and growing. Players, whether they’re already here or coming in, know very well where they are and where they’re coming. In this sense, things are very clear on the part of the club.

Kylian Mbappé has decided to stay, but without extending his contract – what does this change for you?

What’s clear is that Kylian still has a year left on his contract. He’s a player in the squad and we’ll treat him in the same way we would someone who has another five years left. It’s different but every situation can develop and evolve – that kind of thing is managed at another level, on the sporting level it changes nothing.

Has he told you that he wouldn’t extend his contract?

Those are private discussions. But in no case has Kylian talked about that with me.

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