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Maxwel Cornet: “It is like the Champions League, we find additional motivation.”

Speaking in a press conference on Thursday, Ivorian left-sided player Maxwel Cornet confirmed that Lyon are going after the Ligue 1 title.

All of the matches will be important until the end of the season. If the president was here, he would have said that we need to win every game to become champions. The aim is to be very happy at the end of the season. We know how we make that happen. I think that we are naturally conscious of it. We know that there are only a few matches left to achieve our aims. We are doubling our efforts. It is like in the Champions’ League, we find additional motivation. I think that this year, we have a great team to achieve something at the end of the season. It is up to us to give ourselves the means, to remain as focused as possible.”

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