Mohamed Simakan: “I thank God every day… these are amazing moments, you have to live them to the full.”

Speaking to Eurosport, former Strasbourg and now RB Leipzig defender Mohamed Simakan (21) discussed his first few months in Germany while describing himself as a player and a person:

“There are two Mohameds. There’s the one that many people know, the funny one who’s always smiling, and there’s the Mohamed on the pitch. As soon as the referee blows the whistle I’m one hundred percent focused on my game. I would say it’s the love I have for football that shines through. I thank God every day for what is happening to me. Here I play in the Champions League with the famous song, these are amazing moments, you have to live them to the full.”

How have the first few months in Leipzig been?
“Frankly, it’s going really well. My integration was really good. Afterwards, in terms of results, it’s been a little more complicated and we know that but, on a personal level, I’m very happy, I was warmly welcomed. With the French players, it was very easy and all the players speak English too, so it’s ideal. The fact that I settled so well helped my performances. From the start, they’ve been pretty good.”

During the last winter transfer window, you were followed by many clubs, in particular AC Milan where [Paolo] Maldini adored you. Why did you choose Leipzig?
“The transfer window was very long and difficult. I think it’s a matter of fate. Everyone has their lucky star. When my injury happened, there were clubs that stayed and others that hesitated or even left. Leipzig didn’t think twice and the club’s leaders offered me something very interesting from the start. Above all, I’m really very grateful to this club because their confidence remained intact whether I was injured or not. They have always been there.”

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