Nîmes manager Pascal Plancque on Sidy Sarr’s alleged use of underage prostitutes: “We don’t need this right now.”

Nîmes manager Pascal Plancque has reacted to the arrest of midfielder Sidy Sarr, after the 25-year-old was taken into police custody for suspected “corruption of minors” and use of underage prostitutes.

His words transcribed in Midi Libre, the coach underlined the player’s poor mentality and lack of fitness, indicating that the Senegal international’s actions had indirectly damaged the club’s reputation. Sarr returned to training last Thursday after being placed under legal supervision.

“It reinforces the idea that he doesn’t do everything he can to perform well in his job. There’s a presumption of innocence, we don’t really know what’s happened […], but the fact that it’s come down on him is not trivial. He has to avoid finding himself in these situations which can lead to confusion. We don’t need this right now, we have other fish to fry. It indirectly gives off a bad image of the club, and he’s only adding grist to the mill of those who tend to stigmatise footballers’ conduct.”

“The best thing to do is to behave as a true professional, as a responsible adult. I spoke to him as a father to his son. At the time, he listens, we connect with him, but the issue is that after a certainn period of time he forgets and he strays. The player’s level of performance is nowhere near good enough with regard to his potential. He’s often injured, questions can be raised concerning his lifestyle. And when he’s not injured, he takes a long time to return to full fitness. If he was physically well, he would have nothing to do [down here] in Ligue 2. He’s a very, very good player. Unfortunately for him, football is above all about physique and mentality, and right now in those two aspects he is in difficulty.”

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