Olivier Dall’Oglio comments on Youcef Belaïli & discusses January window

Speaking in a press conference on Friday, Montpellier boss Olivier Dall’Oglio discussed the upcoming January window, amid the club being linked with recently made free agent attacking midfielder Youcef Belaïli.

“There are a lot of rumours and that’s not finished. It doesn’t quite have the same effervescence of the summer window, winter, is often a transfer market for opportunities. Our squad is in place, we are working with it but that doesn’t stop us from looking. We are in this phase currently.”

On Youcef Belaïli:

We are looking at a lot of people (smiles). I know that names will come out, more or less true but yes if I give you the whole list, there will certainly be some of who you cite but our lists are long and large.

“The group can remain in tact, that can happen. We speak often about the bench and needing to have a strong bench, we don’t know what could happen to us, we are in a delicate period with COVID, there is a risk of injury, we could quickly be destabilised on that. If we had the opportunity to bring in something extra, we shouldn’t prevent ourselves from doing so because we need to be prudent. We are in a good period but football is made up of cycles, we are going to do everything to get the maximum out of what we currently have. In terms of spirit, the work, in terms of the improvements of quite a few players, this squad is doing well and we could do a complete season like this. If there is going to be an addition, I would fight for a versatile attacker, who can bring depth which could further help us. If there has to be a choice, it would be that.”

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