Olivier Giroud: “I say to Mason that I am going to be annoyed with him if they don’t give me the goal…”

Speaking to RMC Sport, Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud reacted to a 1-0 away victory over Atletico Madrid, in which he scored the winner, with a bicycle kick.

On the 3-minute VAR induced wait to celebrate:

You have to keep your head and be patient. All the better for us and for me. It is true that it was long, but it was an important decision, like the referee said. It did feel strange to celebrate three minutes later.

On his Champions’ League form (5 goals in 6 games):

I am happy. That this competition can bring me fortune like the Europa League. This is just the Round of 16, but I have never been past this stage, it would be a real source of satisfaction to make it into the next round. We feel good, we have to keep hold of that, we have a genuine style of play. We are all engaged and focused.

On his bicycle kick:

It is the sort of skill that I love, for those who know me. I am a bit lucky, the defender doesn’t really go for it honestly, I am a bit ahead. I say to Mason that I am going to be annoyed with him if they don’t give me the goal because he touched the ball just before when I could have had it and finished beforehand if he left it for me. But I am not going to complain. I am happy to see the ball in the back of the net and above all that there is no offside.

On EURO 2021:

Football is eternally restarting, we cannot rest on our laurels. All the coaches that I have had know that self-reflection and questioning myself is something perpetual. They can count on me even if I play less. The Euros? I am keeping that in the corner of my mind. 

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