Olivier Giroud: “They call me that, the phoenix from Grenoble.”

Speaking in an interview with M6, Olivier Giroud reacted to coming off of the bench to score a double as France beat Bulgaria 3-0 in their final pre-EURO 2020 warmup match – he was asked specifically about his status as a phoenix who seems to continually rise from the ashes.

“It made some of my friends laugh, because they call me that, the phoenix from Grenoble. It is a compliment because it means that no matter the circumstances, I don’t give up. When I am called upon, the most important thing is to get the job done. I had a couple of good passes from my colleagues. They know where I make my movements towards and I just needed to finish well.”

“When we did not have the ball, we were good with our defensive positioning… It is when we do not have the ball that we need to make the effort and remain united. Tonight, that’s what we did.”

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