Paul Pogba on France’s form: “We’re not the best team in the world.”

Speaking to RTL, France midfielder Paul Pogba discussed France’s recent form, pin-pointing a lack of aggressiveness as one of the reasons for Les Bleus’ struggles.

The Manchester United man called for a reaction in tomorrow’s final match of the international break, against Finland, after two consecutive draws against Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday and Ukraine on Saturday.

“We have to do a lot better, we know that. It’s comes down to the details, we’ll need to change it and be more aggressive, work harder and show more desire.”

“I think its down to everyone, for example when you see a player putting in a tackle it gives a boost to go up. I include myself in that, we need to be more aggressive – when we are, we win the ball higher up the pitch and we’re more incisive.”

“The same energy is still there [since the 2018 World Cup]. I think that we were fired up with the Euros and told that we were the best team in the world. Right now, we’re not the best team in the world. We need to do the job on the pitch for that. It’s the results that are going to show that.”

“We have to show some pride as well and not accept it all. Pardon the language, but it p***es me off to not be winning. I haven’t won with the French team in a while, and it’s something that I’ve missed. I think that’s the case with everyone, with all of the players, we want to show a reaction. We’ll keep the positives, we got a point, despite the performance which needs to change.”


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