Police looking into alternative leads on Kheira Hamraoui attack after Aminata Diallo custody


L’Équipe report that the police investigation into the attack on PSG’s Kheira Hamraoui on November 4 could be looking at alternative leads.

Teammate Aminata Diallo was at the wheel, with both players returning from a team dinner, when Hamraoui was dragged out of the car and stuck on the legs with an iron bar, in an attack carried out by two masked men. Diallo was held in custody for 35 hours this week over a suspected link to the assault, but has now been released with no charges pressed.

One of the first scenarios explored by investigators had been that of a rivalry between the two midfielders. However, Diallo explained that she had no reason to act in that way, having felt that manager Didier Ollé-Nicole trusted her, and having played with Hamraoui before this season. The 26-year-old explained that she did not require the presence of a lawyer during the interrogation, as the questions and answers were straightforward.

Hamraoui had reportedly told investigators that she had found Diallo’s way of driving “strange” on the night – Diallo justified herself by saying that there had been cars parked on both sides of the road, which was not one-way, and that there was only space for one vehicle to pass through at a time. She is said to have stated that she was driving at a “normal speed”. Diallo then indicated to investigators that the attack on her teammate may have been borne out of a private affair.

The day after the attack, Hamraoui is said to have told police that she had not “taken the place or particular status of any player”, and that “I’ve recently returned to the French team, and maybe that’s fostered some jealousy”. L’Équipe add that, according to their sources, the two teammates had given their account of the event to investigators – including one of the masked men speaking of a “married man” before hitting Hamraoui. 

The victim reportedly told investigators that she had never had an affair with someone already in a relationship. Several PSG players – Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Sakina Karchaoui, Grace Geyoro and Aminata Diallo – had received anonymous calls from someone claiming to be an “ex” of Hamraoui, who claimed that he would get revenge for her “ruining his life”. Private details on Hamraoui’s life were revealed in the calls, while the former Barcelona player reportedly explained that nobody close to her outside of PSG had been contacted.

Investigators are also looking to work out how the attackers were able to follow the players, and have not ruled out the possibility of a device having been secretly attached to the car they drove home in, in order for its location to be tracked. Hamraoui reportedly explained that two other teammates – Jordyn Huitema and Celin Bizet Ildhusøy – told her before they left that a car had been following them.

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