Punto Banko Gaming Guide

Punto Banko is one of the most popular versions of the very popular game of baccarat. It was introduced in the US back in 1950 – and the name stands for the two opposing sides in the game – “Punto” means “Player” and “Banko” means “Bank.” Up until the moment when Punto Banko took the world of gambling by storm, the most popular version of blackjack pitted players against players. The main difference that Punto Banko introduced is that the players would play against the dealer, not against themselves. That being said, what are the basic rules of playing Punto Banko as the most popular version of online baccarat in the US?

The basic rules of Punto Banko

The goal in Punto Banko is to get as close to the sum of 9 with your cards as possible – without going overboard and busting out. The player and the dealer will compete to get to 9. For this purpose, the player will be dealt two cards at the beginning of each game. The value of the individual cards is as follows:

  • The ace has a value of one.
  • The 2-9 cards retain their face value.
  • The 10-K cards have a value of 0.

There is another special rule in the game of Punto Banko that you should notice. If the sum of your cards is greater than 10 – for example, if you have a 9 and a 5 with a sum of 14 – then you will need to subtract 10 from this sum. In the end, in this scenario, you will have a score of 4.

The player has the option to make one of three bets in the game of Punto Banko. These are the Punto, Banko, and Egalite bets. They speak for themselves. If the player were to place a wager on Punto, they wager that the player would win – i.e. get closer to 9 than the dealer. If the player bets on Banko, then the player wagers that the bank will get closer to 9 than the player. And, finally, if the player decides to place a wager in the “egalite” box, then it means that the player wagers that the Punto and Banko final scores will be equal – a tie.

There are some special rules that will be upheld when drawing the cards. For example, if the player draws two cards with a sum no bigger than 5 – another card will be drawn. If the total sum of the cards is six or seven, then the player stands. And if the player gets 8 or 9 – they win.

There are special rules for how the dealer operates, as well. For example, if the sum of the cards that the dealer holds is three or less, the dealer has to draw an additional new card. If the dealer has four, then a new card is drawn for the dealer if the player has 2-7. If the banker has a sum of 7, they stand – and this is also the case if the dealer has 8 or 9.

The payouts – if the player bets on Punto and Punto wins – they will get a 1:1 payout. If the player bets on Banko and Banko wins – then the payout is 19:20 (with a 5% commission for the house). Finally, Egalite bets are the hardest to win – but they pay out 8:1.


Punto Banko is one of the most popular gambling games – and definitely the most popular version of baccarat – for a reason. Chances are that you have played this game yourself. If you haven’t, you’re now aware of the basic rules you will need to follow to play the game, and to know more, you can read the best baccarat guide for beginners. We hope that you will have a fantastic and highly lucrative experience playing Punto Banko in the online casino of your choice.


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