Sergio Ramos: “My dream is to win a 5th Champions’ League & the 1st for our club.”

Speaking to PSG TV, 35-year-old Spanish central defender Sergio Ramos discussed his ambitions with his new club in a little more detail.

“I also felt that I was going to be able to play alongside great players and in a sporting project where there is a lot of desire. We are in a club that requires you to win it all. Aside from that, in football, a lot of things can always happen. There are a number of factors and a number of small details that make a result go in one direction or another. We need to think about winning and giving everything.”

“What I observed in this club is its solidity, the thirst for victory that the players have. They want to come to a club like this. They have already played the Champions’ League final, they are very close to be able to win it and that is something that attracts me. It can only be a perfect marriage. If I can contribute, that would be marvellous for me. My dream is to win my 5th Champions’ League and the first for our club.”

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