Step-Wise guide to beginning your Online Casino Journey

In the past year, many of us had to spend a lot more time at home. We wanted entertainment and the world of online gambling obliged. It may be daunting to start your online casino journey. Typing “online casino” into a search engine will send dozens of ads your way. But there are experts out there, like Alexandra Nereng, who have devoted their time to finding stable, safe platforms in Norway. Here are three simple steps to follow to enjoy the experience safely.

Step 1: Look around and make good choices for you

Don’t just sign up for a bunch of casinos. You need to find a space you will enjoy. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the gambling laws in my country? 
  • What is a bookmaker?
  • Will international casinos accent my country’s currency?
  • What game do I like?
  • What type of game-play do I want? 

The legalities

To gamble online, you need a portal on which to do it. The term bookmakere refers to the company that hosts the casino and is your means of gambling. 

The laws on gambling in Norway are complicated as the practice is highly regulated. There are two legally licensed bookmakers in Norway, namely Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. Rikstoto deals mainly with animal betting, where Norsk Tipping handles the rest. The sites are safe and will accept your currency. But they are not the only option.

Your casino journey may take you to internationally licensed sites like Betsson, Bet365, and Betsafe also allow you to bet in Krone. They also might have a greater variety of games and methods of play. 

Look at each casino’s license, their choice of games, the currency and language, and most importantly, the customer support. You do not want to struggle because there is no one to help you when you need it most.

Norwegian sites like Norsk Casino have a lot of information about safe and reliable online casinos that accept Norwegian players. 

What do I want? 

Once you have an online casino that looks promising, give yourself a tour. Look for a variety of games and modes of play. Also, look for bonuses and perks that come along with the site. Casinos will offer a bonus to get you into the game. You can use these to increase your advantage while you get comfortable with the game-play. 

Some casinos might even have an option to play live. You will play somewhere in the world in a brick and mortar casino that streams their games directly to your computer. You can talk to the dealer and other players while you are safe and sound in your own home.    

Where do I want to play?

Online entertainment has evolved a lot. Cables and desktop PCs no longer limit us because of the technological developments in smartphones and tablets. Social media, online streaming services, and mobile gaming all fit into our hands and pockets through one small device.

Mobile online casinos have apps and games that allow you to play on a variety of mobile devices. You will want to look at your favorite games and make sure that you can access them anywhere and at any time. 

In the future, your options may vary more. Virtual or augmented reality games are gaining popularity and the Norwegian companies PaleBlue and Stargate are at the front of that development. 

Step 2: Pay to play

Look up how to put your money into the casino, and more importantly, how to get it out. 

Casinos might offer a direct payment using your debit or credit card. Other options include bank transfer and payment platforms like Neteller, Entropay, Paysafecard, and Skrill. It might mean an extra step as you deposit the money into the payment platform. But it can be worth it when it comes time to receive your payout. 

Your winnings are tax-free in Norway if they are under NOK 10,000 for a single hand or bet. Anything over is taxed at 28%. Be aware that because of legislation to tax poker players who make a living overseas, any winnings that come from outside of Norway may be taxable.

Step 3: Enjoy responsibly

Remember that the casino always has the advantage. This is true even in the online casino world. Set limits for what you are willing to lose and fight against the urge to bet big. 

You have to stick to your limits. If you feel that an addiction is developing, please visit the Hjelpelinjen or call 800 800 40 in Norway.


Take your time to research and explore online casinos. Having the information will help you make the best choice for your lifestyle. Look at all the aspects of online gambling, and you are sure to find a casino you will enjoy.

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