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Thiago Silva: “Sadly PSG did not get the job done, it was truly sad for me.”

Speaking to RMC Sport, Chelsea central defender Thiago Silva summed up his emotions following qualification for the 2021 Champions’ League final.

“It was a very difficult match, we suffered but we controlled the 2nd half well. Everything we said between each other, we succeeded in doing. Congratulations to everyone for this great performance. Tuchel has brought us a lot of things: to play well on the pitch, to remain calm. The players understood it well. To play football well, you have to enjoy it. They (the players) are very young. We sometimes make mistakes, we missed a lot of goals but I am very happy with my team. We have to rest well before the final.”

On Thomas Tuchel and PSG:

It is special (with Tuchel) for us. Sadly PSG did not get the job done, it was truly sad for me. The arrival of Thomas Tuchel changed quite a lot of things, we deserved it. Here it is different because we play a Champions’ League match every weekend and in the end, you are better prepared. This is not revenge against PSG… they made the decision (not to extend his contract), it was sad for me, but the most important thing, is to be here with Chelsea.

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